11 April 2011

Ooh E Ooh Ah Ah

One of my two-legged cousins was visiting Blue House Land this weekend and had to make a video for school. Guess who was one of the stars?


Josie V.

09 January 2011

Hear that?

I think I just heard the sound of the GB Pack kickin' Michael Vick's butt tonight!




03 January 2011

Right now we are in Mini-Snow-ta.  
It is a place.  It is a season.  It is atrocious. 

When I go outside now I have to wear my Christmas sweater.

My dainty little pe-bo paws get frozen in the snow and ice.  But I cannot complain because last time I did, mom said she would buy me dog booties.  I think the Christmas sweater is humiliation enough.

Brody and our cousin Maddie do not mind the snow, even though it is so deep we can hardly see over it:

(Somehow, even with my Christmas sweater, I manage to remain more dignified than Brody.)

When I absolutely must go outdoors I tiptoe up to my spot and then run back into the house as quickly as possible.

I think that it is better just to stay indoors in warm arms.


Josie Valentine