24 March 2010

Just Livin' the Dream

I know I have not updated you on the ins and outs of my Josie-rific life lately, but it is spring time and there are a lot of new smells to be sniffed, so I do not like to spend a lot of time on the computer. When I am not out sniffing the good sniffs, I have been very busy learning new things so that I can someday become a Canine Good Citizen. For humans a good citizen is someone who pays their taxes and reduces, reuses, and recycles, but for dogs I guess it means walking nice on a leash, sitting politely while a stranger pets you, and ignoring all of the amazing and interesting distractions in the world. In other words, it's pretty boring. It must not be boring for mom though because she is constantly making me do this kind of thing; I swear, she is nuts.

What else. We all go for a car ride almost every day and I have noticed that my tummy doesn't feel quite as sick as it used to in the car. If I curl up in a tiny ball and pretend we're not driving, I feel just dandy. I love to go to the pet food store and let the nice people pet me (once I'm SITTING, if you're reading this, mom!). I love to go for walks and let the nice people pet me there, too. I get to play with my big brother Brody every day and he's pretty cool. And I LOVE to look out the window and watch for critters like squirrels and chipmunks. Those sassy little creatures don't know it yet, but one day I am going to figure out how to open the door and then they will be in big trouble.

Here I am, just hanging out with my brother. He takes life too seriously, if you ask me!

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