22 December 2010

Home for the Holidays

Mom says there's no place like Home for the Holidays.  I did not know where that place is located but mom explained that at the holidays you get to go be with all of the people you love at the same time, which is pretty much my main objective, so I knew I would like it there.

It turns out that Home for the Holidays is in a town called We-Scons-In.  The first holiday was Thanksgiving.  It is difficult to describe it in words so I put together a re-enactment with mom and dad:

Dramatic Re-Enactment

At Thanksgiving,

I got to be Thankful for new people,
I got to be Thankful for old people,
and I got to be Thankful for plaid people.

I got to re-gift my crate.  YES!!  (But then it was re-gifted back to me...like fruitcake.)

I got to break the rules,
without getting in trouble.

I got to give comfort.
I got to leave Brody on the floor.  Hehe.

Soon we will be back at Home for the Holidays for a day called Christmas.  When we get done with We-Scon-Sin we will come back to Bluehouse Land and spend the rest of the winter curling up in front of the fireplace and waiting for spring time to come again.

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