05 April 2010

Easter Bunny

Yesterday was a day called Easter.

Mom and dad took us on a long walk around the Lake of the Isles.

Lots of people said that I was cute and a few of them knew I was a pit bull right away and wanted to pet me just because they knew I was a pit bull! So I made sure to be on my best Josie behavior so as not to tarnish my outstanding reputation.

Then we went home and I sunbathed on the deck all day and watched mom and dad do a lot of yard work. It's not exactly a rough life for me right now, I suppose. :-)

Josie Valentine

p.s. The Easter bunny ain't got nothin' on these ears, people!
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  1. Easter Bunny isn't as sweet, either - even WITH all that chocolate!

  2. Oh, Josie! You look so kissa-bull!!!

    -A St. Paul pibble