15 April 2010


Hello, people!

Spring is really here now (wahoo!) and mom and dad started growing food outside. At first I was pretty excited about having food growing in my kingdom, but then they put up a fence so that I could not eat the food that they grow in there. Plus, Brody watches over the outside kitchen and there's that look again, telling me that I better not go in and eat mom and dad's lettuce:

He is such a goody-goody.

On Saturday, dad gave me a bath -- yuck -- and washed my collar and put a shiny new tag on it that says "Josie." (As if there are people in this world who do not know my name! Ha!) Then we went in the car to a big warehouse with lots of art and people. The warehouse was called Deviant Art and it had lots of paintings and photos of pit bulls and other dogs; it was to show people how cute we are, I think. I got to meet so many people and a few dogs, too. There was even a rug made completely out of squeeky toys! Oh my gosh you guys, I was in heaven.

Mom showed me a painting of myself that she and dad are going to hang up in their house. I am not sure why they would want to look at a painting when they could just look at me any time. But sometimes people are weird, you know how it is.

Here is a picture of me and mom at the art place. This picture and the one below it were taken by the super-cool Paige, a.ka. Pearla's mom. Pearla is my friend from CGC class and my mom is always going on and on about how precious she is. I guess! But anyway, back to me.

On Sunday I had to take a test to see if I was really a Good Citizen like mom has been teaching me how to be. I tried, really I did.

That picture is me, trying to watch mom instead of watching 1) other people, 2) other dogs, 3) my imaginary friends. But a dog like me can't be expected to ignore these things all the time, so I am not a Good Citizen yet. Mom says that I am now in Boot Camp until I get to take the test again. All Boot Camp means is going for lots of walks near people and dogs and smells, all the while getting yummy treats in my belly, so I really don't mind.

One more quick story about Deviants. I heard mom and dad talking about how my former owner finally got sentenced for being a dog fighter. Mom and dad said how they wished he would be in jail, but that didn't happen; then they said how they wished he would never get the privilege of owning a dog again, but that didn't happen either. All that happened is he has to do community service. They said they could think of some pretty creative ways for him to spend his community service time. Can you?



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