03 May 2010


Hi everyone, Josie-V here (that's V as in Valentine, and not like the Roman numeral 5, because there's only one Josie and that's ME!). Anywho, I really have not had a lot of time to post, because I have a very exciting announcement: I got a job! My new job is called "Assistant Manager of Keeping all the Chipmunks out of the Yard and all the Other Critters Too, Even Flies Because Brody is Afraid of Them."

Mom and dad put up a fence and now I don't have to wear my leash when I am in the yard. That means I can spend all of my time doing my job. Sometimes I let Brody help if he's not being too bossy. (You can see by his expression that he thinks he is pretty smart.)

We took our new job very seriously this weekend. After lots of looking around,

And sniffing around,

We found out that the critters live underneath the deck in a secret underground apartment like teenage ninja turtles!
I climbed up there and found their apartment! Do you see me there next to Brody, with my head in their little house? Ha!
Here is a video mom took of Brody and me while we were taking a break from our job. I told her she needs a better video camera, because this one really does not do us justice in terms of how cute we are. She said, "maybe if I didn't have to spend all my money on dog treats and new fences, I would be able to buy a better camera!" (Sheesh, guilt trip much, mom?)

Mom and dad spend a lot of time with us outside because it has been so nice out lately.

Blue House Land is a lot prettier in the Spring!

Til next time,


p.s. I have another good story to tell later, so watch for another post soon!

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  1. Beautiful healthy coats on those adorable pibbles.

    takes one to know one.
    I'll Check Back, Boris