05 May 2010

Good Citizen, Good Neighbor

Hola mis amigos!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Since today is my last agility class, mom decided it was time for me to start Spanish lessons.  Just kidding.  

So are you ready for some good news?  I finally became a Canine Good Citizen just like my mom always wanted me to be!  Wahoo!  

After I became a Good Citizen we came home and had a party with a bunch of my two-legged friends to celebrate.

Dad fed me a bunch of meatballs as a reward...om nom nom nom.  (Later I got a tummy ache, but it was worth it.)

Some of my fans (Rick, dad, and Auntie Katie):

I got all of the attention.

Kiss me, I'm a good citizen!

It was a good party.

Today mom took me in to meet some new friends at State Farm, and I was really excited to run around with all of the cows and horses but then we got there and it wasn't really a farm, but an office.  At any rate, the people there were very nice.  Mom wanted them to meet me so they knew what kind of dogs they were insuring.  Mom said thank you to them for not discriminating against dogs like me. 



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  1. Congratulations, Josie! You're a Good Citizen, you're gainfully employed, and you're unbelievably cute! Besos a ti, amiga!