11 October 2010


You don't usually hear about Fall being a time for new beginnings, but this one sure has been, at least for me!

For one thing, it has marked the beginning of my modeling career.  Believe it or not, Ms. Josie V. Nick will be appearing in TWO calendars for 2011: A Rotta Love Plus and BAD RAP.  Woot!!  I hear that the A Rotta Love calendars are going fast, so be sure to order yours today.  (The BAD RAP ones will be going on sale in a couple of weeks.)

My second new career is...

...wait for it...

...therapy dog!  Double Woot!!

One day Mom and I went to Teedy-Eye class like we normally do, but when we got there there we saw weird dogs that I had never met before, and a new Nice Lady was in charge.  I had to do all of the normal stuff -- sit, stay, walk nice, etc., but you are not going to believe this -- mom and Nice Lady wanted me to do it WITHOUT TREATS!  What the heck, people!

Anyway, just to be polite I did everything they asked me to do.  At the end, mom and Original Nice Lady (the normal Teedy-Eye instructor), jumped up and down like crazy people and took pictures of me.  Original Nice Lady even gave me something called a potato chip (okay it was more like 10 potato chips), so I must have done the right thing when I was polite for nothing earlier.  The crunchy deliciousness was definitely worth it.  

Then they tied a Teedy-Eye bandanna around my neck:

Teedy-Eye Represent.

On the way home, Mom put on her favorite Miley Cyrus song, dedicated it to me, sang it at the top of her lungs with a fake microphone, and cried a little happy tear....

OMG. it. was. so. embarrassing.

I did not have to wait very long to put my new skills to work, because soon after that we heard there was a little girl who had a Very Bad Fear of Dogs.   The girl's mom wanted to help her feel safe around dogs again, so she did what any logical parent would do -- she called a pit bull rescue, of course!  I met the Nice Girl and showed her that she did not need to be afraid of good doggies.  We had a very nice day and I hope I get to meet her again soon.

Josie V. Nick, reporting for duty.

Now that I am gainfully employed both a Model and a Therapy Dog, mom and dad told me that it is time that I retire from my old job (Assistant Manager of Backyard Critters, etc.).  Ironically they made me retire on my best day ever on the job.  The day they asked for my resignation, I had caught a sassy rabbit that had been lingering too long by the tomatoes, taunting me with its Tail of Fluff and Insolence.  I was expecting Mom and Dad to jump for joy but instead they looked pretty sad.  After escorting me into the house they performed a brief ceremony for the rabbit, whom they even named. (Hop-A-Long, in case you're wondering).  Good riddance.

I am rambling a bit so I will try to keep the rest of my update short and sweet.  Yesterday I graduated from Rott N' Pitt Ed.  I will really miss that class and the Very Nice Helpers that answered all of Mama's questions and helped me be my best.  I will also miss the chance to parade around in front of Paige's camera once a week -- she is always capturing my best side!   Behold exhibits A, B, and C:

Walkin' the walk.
Taking a break with my #1 fan.
Even this fence cannot hide the cuteness that is Jo.

So as you can see I have been pretty busy, but not to worry -- I am still finding time for a good nap in the sun.

Til next time,

Josie Valentine Nick, CGC, TDI


  1. We saw you on the Bad Rap site. Congrats! You make an excellent model! We are also excited to hear more about your therapy work. We really wanted to get the dogs into it here, but we've been having busy schedules on our end. We'd love to see how it works for you.

  2. We love you Josie! (and your brother, too)