28 February 2010

Bro Bro fo Sho

When I became Official, something else happened besides just getting to stay here forever: I got a Brother. His name is Brody, and he's...well...I will let you see for yourself:

Brody is sometimes a little bit grouchy. You see that look in his eye? Mom and dad call that his stink eye, and when he gives it to me, I'm supposed to let him sleep instead of climbing all over him.

The good news is, when he's not giving me the stink eye, I get to cuddle with him a little bit.

Brody likes to play during the day so we do that a lot. Sometimes my dad makes us stop when we start acting too much "like wild animals." In Blue House Land the animals are expected to be Civilized, he says.

Other positive things about Brody include:

1. He is a good hunter.

2. He is handsome.

3. I have to go for a car ride now, bye!

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