28 February 2010


Today is my two week anniversary of being in Blue House Land and things are happy. Best parts: warm snuggling, popcorn falls on the floor sometimes, lots of nice people visit me. Worst part: sometimes I still have to go on my tether inside the house, and when that happens and my people leave the house, I get very sad, because it's a lot more fun when they are home. Other than that, this is a really good place to be! You should come see me sometime, I'll show you all the fun things.

Yesterday I woke up and Mrs. Dudette said that it was a very special day, because it was the day I was becoming Official. Nice Mrs. Rescue Lady came over and told me that being Official meant that I never have to live in a cold concrete cage ever again, or tied to a tree outside, or any other not-fun place without popcorn, and that I get to stay in Blue House Land forever. Wahoo! She also said that now I can call Mr. and Mrs. Dude and Dudette "mom and dad" instead, so that's pretty cool because it's a lot easier to type.

My mom wore a green shirt for my becoming Official day because she said she is very lucky to have me.

Do I look Official to you?

There's one other thing about being Official that I should tell you about, but it can wait til the next post. NAP TIME, people! Later!

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