15 February 2010

Josie Valentine

Yesterday was a Day called Valentines. It was a pretty good day. In the afternoon, two friendly people came to visit me at my foster dad's place. After lots of pets and snuggles from the new people, and tons of boring talking between the humans, I settled down for a nap on the floor. Just when I finally got comfortable, the new people said, "it's not nap time Josie, it's time to go home" to a land called Blue House. They made me walk out in the cold snow to the car, brrr, I don't really like it out there when the snow gets in my paws. I don't really like car rides, either, they make me feel pukey. I was trying to be positive, but honestly people, it was not going well so far. But I got in anyway, just to be out of the snow, and sat on the blond-dudette's lap. She bundled me up in a blanket and the nice dude drove us away from my foster daddy. I sure will miss that nice foster man and his lady friend with all the smooches and hugs!

On the way home, the new Dude and Dudette sang along to the radio music to make me feel better. It must have worked, because I didn't puke at all! Things were looking up.

When I got to the Blue House I did my business outside and then got to go into the warm indoors and sniff around. I found a nice ball to put in my mouth. Mrs. Dudette lady cuddled me in her arms for a long time. Then she showed me my new bed, and boy was it comfy. When I laid in it at night, I could see Dude and Dudette sleeping on the other side of the room.

They looked very tired last night so I tried to be a very good and quiet Josie so that they could sleep all night. It must have worked because when they finally woke up they told me what a good dog I had been and how happy they were to see me this morning.

I think I like this Blue House place.

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