13 August 2010

Back to Work

I don't know if you people have noticed, but summer vacation is almost over!  Time flies when you're spending all day chasing the critters.

Last night a big storm came to Bluehouse Land.  The thunder didn't wake me up but the sound of Brody's babyish whimpering did!  As I was laying awake waiting for Brody to be a man (like that could ever happen), I heard a big thump.  Mom and Dad got out of bed and all four of us looked out the window.  A big tree was attacking Bluehouse Land!  I really wanted to go outside and defend my kingdom from the tree but Dad made me go back to bed instead.  He really should have let me:

Anyway, now that summer vacation is almost over I have been very busy.  You would think it was enough to just do a good job at my critter-hunting, but you would be wrong.  Mom has me on a busier schedule than a Chinese gymnast!  A typical week looks like this:

  • Monday.  Therapy Dog Class.  This is where I am learning to be a Teedy-Eye.  At this week's class I got to meet a lot of kids and I loved them a lot and they loved me too.  This is a mostly fun class except when the instructor puts the pile of summer sausage on the floor and all of us dogs have to LEAVE IT.  Whoever invented The Leave It should be locked in a room with Brody during a thunderstorm!
  • Wednesday.  Tricks Class.  This class is the BEST omg I get so many treats.  So far I have learned pout, spin, high five, and crawl.  Next week there is a rumor that I will learn how to open a cupboard door.  (Really people?!  Sometimes, you humans do not think ahead.  But I am not complaining.)
  • Thursday.  Dog Safety.  This is not a class but just a fun time where I get to hang out with nice kids and teach them that you should not flail at the dog but that you should instead act like a sane human being and give the dog a little time to sniff you before you assault it with your spastic gestures of friendship, thankyouverymuch.  
  • Sunday. Pit Bull Education.  I haven't been to this yet but I will start soon.  This class is where mom and dad learn about how to remind me Who is in Charge Here.  In other words, it should be a real hoot!

I try to catch some beauty rest between appointments.

'Til next time, your one and only,

Josie Valentine



  1. I love you Josie!! And a big "woo hoo!" for tricks class ;)- you're such a rock star!

  2. Josie: You are magnificent! I'm so glad you fit this blog into your busy schedule!